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Sewing cards from Kids Activities Blog

Sewing cards from Kids Activities Blog

As this is our first post of 2015, we want to wish you all a fantastic 2015 (slightly belated I know!) and hope that life is good. 

It's January, it's cold, it's snowy, it's wet......the sort of weather that makes you want to stay indoors with slippers on, hot chocolate in hand with the kids happily playing....ha ha, we can all dream!! Also, everyone has spent up over Christmas and in the sales, so that got us thinking about 'indoor free stuff'. The internet is useful for all sorts of amazingly good things (as well as shopping!) and we have found some lovely creative, gorgeous and fun printables, and what's best is....they are all free to download! So why not get printing out some of these fab activities for learning to draw, making things and some are just lovely pictures for your wall (ok, this could be difficult if you don't have a printer...).

For young children these constellation sewing cards by Kids Activities Blog are a really lovely, simple idea for improving hand eye coordination and for learning about star constellations. You just need a hole punch and a needle and thread (Tip: For younger kids make the holes a little bigger and you can capture some wool inside a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend it to form a 'needle'. Supersafe!)


Whilst on the subject of stars, how about this lovely printable wall art by Lost Bumblebee, to bring a little night time magic to your child's wall.



Another printable artwork by Lost Bumblebee is this colourful text print above, which we adore! 

Activity Village have some useful printables for learning how to draw London landmarks, such as Big Ben, The Tower of London, London taxis, buses etc. They are very simple and easy to follow images and are probably suitable for children over the age of 5 or 6. They provide a starting point for children who may be daunted by the thought of drawing something as complicated as the Tower of London! So come on, let's get drawing! 


These 'Let's have an adventure' printable artworks are perfect decoration for any little adventure seeker and there are also a few different colours to choose from. They are made by  Oh So Lovely Blog

Lastly, we think these ballerinas with snowflake skirts by Krokotak are really lovely and could be used as party decorations or a row of them could make lovely 'bunting' for a child's room decor. So, if you have a child who loves making things, these are easy to make and they make a stunning decoration too.

Hope you like some of these ideas for thrifty decor, art and craft. There are many, many more creative activities to be found out there on the internet. Pinterest is a great source of creative ideas, so why not take a look at Zigzag & Zebra's pinterest site

and you could also maybe set up your own ideas boards/inspiration boards. Happy pinning!


Posted on January 24, 2015 .