Food Battles

I know this is a familiar story......the 'challenges' of getting kids to eat a healthy, balanced diet!

The problem I have is that I have one child (age 5) who eats everything I put in front of him (the more exotic looking the better!), including spicy food, lettuce, veg, curry , and one child who eats almost nothing I put in front of him and would rather live off pizza (plain), plain pasta and hotdogs (quorn). So despite my best efforts to encourage healthy eating and a diverse range of foods, I appear to have failed, with my 6 year old anyway. Mealtimes are a constant battle, with cries of 'this is disgusting!', 'why do you always make me yukky food?' and 'I'm not eating THAT'. Trying to find a happy medium for them both is extremely tricky!

Also, although I do enjoy cooking when I have the time and energy, I prefer everyday recipes which are easy and simple to prepare, which don't involve copious amounts of chopping, blending, whisking etc and which generally use a maximum of two pans. Call me lazy.....

So, I have been searching for recipes which I hope will be healthy, tasty, filling, easy to prepare and that they will both enjoy. Not an easy task...

Just click on the links to get the recipes.

Firstly, this 12 minute chicken and broccoli recipe by is ideal, using simple, healthy ingredients. So easy and tasty!

Here are a couple of wonderful recipes by Savvymom  

As a lighter meal, these tuna and apple stuffed pittas are delicious and healthy and very quick to prepare.

Also by  Savvymom these chick pea patties make a delicious meal or snack, depending on what you eat with them. They are delicious with salad or maybe new potatoes and veg for a heartier meal. The good thing is you can make loads of them and they are easy to transport for snacks on the go. Toddlers love them!

Spaghetti always goes down well in our house, due to the novelty value, so it's hard to go wrong with this delicious carbonara recipe by Damndelicious


Finally, here is a lovely sweet snack to finish off, found on Hello Wonderful. This is actually quite healthy using yoghurt and strawberries and it looks stunning! Also,it's great for cooling down with on a hot summers day.

Hope that you have found something to try for your picky little eaters!



Posted on May 12, 2015 .