Too many apples? Get creative.....get printing!

Last autumn, we had apples galore! Apples all over the garden, apple pies, apple crumbles, apple sauces, you name it, we tried did all the neighbours!

Well, this year we don't have quite so many apples (due to a bit of drastic pruning), which is quite a relief as we've only just finished picking them up from last year! As apple season is now upon us, I have been inspired to write this post....about apple printing. Why not do something creative with all the excess apples, especially the ones that aren't quite edible. It is a fun and inexpensive way to introduce the techniques of simple printmaking to children of all ages and even the adults will enjoy the instant gratification of producing something beautiful in an instant!

There is a lovely idea on for printing with produce to produce lovely artwork for your walls, for unique handmade wrapping paper or lovely cards to send out. It is so simple to do and the kids have a great time producing colourful art prints. 

Apple printing

Apple printing

Another idea is to print fabulous paper lunch bags as seen below, which I'm sure would add novelty value to your child's lunch, as well as looking amazing. This idea could also be used for adding an individual touch to party bags.

Apple printed lunch bags

Apple printed lunch bags

This apple wreath made from apple prints is another lovely idea to brighten up your home for autumn by joining together a number of individual cut out apple prints to form a wreath shape.

Well, finally, lets just say 'we love apples!' Maybe that is why we love this gorgeous apple screenprint by Jane Foster, which is a vibrant, colourful and lovely graphic image which would be striking in a kitchen or a child's room.

Hope you've find these ideas useful for any excess apples you may have. 

Happy printing!

Posted on September 20, 2014 .