White Festoon Cafe Lights


White Festoon Cafe Lights


This delightful string set of 10 white festoon cafe lights will add a relaxed party feel to any indoor or outdoor space. The string of lights is 7.8 metres long and comes with a British Standard 3 pin plug.

  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use but please note the plug (transformer) is for INDOOR use only.
  • Please read the care information below to ensure safe and satisfactory use of these lights.

Care Information

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure safe operation of this light set.

Test your light set before using them as decoration.
Carefully remove the lighting set from its packaging.
Make sure that the cable is completely unravelled and that there are no twists or snags in the cable.
Position the cable so that it does not present a snagging or tripping hazard.
Connect the lights to the supplied transformer and plug into a suitable mains socket.
Do not operate these lights while still in packaging.
Do not connect this chain of lights electrically to another set of lights.
Disconnect from the mains supply when not in use.
Take care not to damage the cable or fittings. If the cable is damaged, it cannot be repaired and the light set must be destroyed.
Do not allow any plastic part to come in contact with heat or naked flame.
Do not attempt to connect this light set directly to the mains supply - only use with transformer provided
NOTE: This product contains non-replaceable bulbs.
These lights are designed for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. The plug (transformer) is for INDOOR use only.

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